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By jason (registered) | Posted September 27, 2013 at 10:10:00

Glad to hear someone pushing for this. I've pretty much given up. Sent in a lot of requests for bike corrals (which in my opinion are superior to the rings which only accommodate 1 or 2 bikes). There's always a reason why corrals can't work on Locke, James, Augusta, York, King, Barton, Ottawa, Cannon etc.... (amazing that we have the skill to build a flyover freeway viaduct and flying squirrel passageway through a nature valley, but we can't plop down some bike corrals in the city).

As a side, you may have noticed that the very few spots that do have bike corrals in Hamilton, are ALWAYS well used - John N, 2 in front of the market/library, McMaster campus, MIP and on Hunter in front of GO.

I met someone on Locke the other day and had to walk a full block to find an empty pole to lock up to.

Very simple, cheap and easy concept to install all through the city. Kudos on continuing the charge:

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