Comment 94255

By j.servus (registered) | Posted November 05, 2013 at 11:34:25 in reply to Comment 94251

Exactly. When Main is finally redesigned, it should NOT have five lanes for automobiles, no matter which way they're going. The current design of Main is an utter affront to pedestrians, and impossible for cyclists. It is an affront to pedestrians, because in many places you can't even walk two abreast. It is a narrow sidewalk more appropriate to a side street than to a thoroughfare where trucks are rushing by in the curb lane and practically clipping your shoulder. Then, too, the lamp posts and parking metres take even more from the sidewalk. It's absurd to do that to the sidewalk, to add a totally superfluous fifth lane for vehicles. Main has at least two and probably three lanes more than the traffic flow could reasonably justify. (They'd probably have done it to King, too, but there wasn't quite enough room so the sidewalks were spared.) Finally, I note that because it is a speedway, cyclists moving with traffic flow still use the sidewalk, and, of course, cyclists moving against the traffic also use the sidewalk. Which means the cars are five abreast in mostly empty lanes, while the pedestrians and cyclists are sharing a metre-wide strip of unsheltered sidewalk. No one responsible for that monstrous design, I'm quite sure, has ever tried to walk along Main Street between Victoria and Wentworth.

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