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By Chasball (anonymous) | Posted November 06, 2013 at 12:05:09 in reply to Comment 94330

No. Not me v. 50. 30,000.00 people a day drive down Main Street West. I think the drivers at this stage would win a math contest.

I am not opposed to a dedicated bus lane if it proves to be the most efficient method of getting everyone from A to B. I am opposed to four way stops placed at the whim of a complaint, the lights that have people in three directions stopped while no-one is in the green lane, pedestrian operated lights that sop traffic, dedicating lanes to bikes where no-one rides bikes, reducing lanes so traffic comes to a halt, eliminating through lanes for turn lanes so that when pedestrians are in the crosswalk it takes three light changes to turn a corner - and such.

My fear is that as driver anxiety and frustration increases, safety will be compromised.

I also detest that I have to sit and waste my time for no good reason. Give me a good reason.

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