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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted November 06, 2013 at 13:59:52 in reply to Comment 94360

The tax rates are high precisely because we do not have enough taxpayers in order to cover the costs of running our city. We need more businesses and more residents paying taxes - using the infrastructure we already have. We can't afford to keep building at the edges of town, and keep the core as a drive-through to elsewhere. It's proven to be economic suicide.

Did the major industry leave in the past 40 years because of commuter delays? That's what you are implying. Yet the one-ways came into effect 60 years ago and were in existence during our worst decline years. I'm not saying one-ways caused our decline but by the same token you can't seriously claim that recent two-way-reversions and bike lanes have caused it either.

If Wellington becomes two way, will people truly "not be able to get there"? Or will it just take them a few minutes longer?

Businesses are not avoiding Hamilton because city council might build a bus lane or might change a one way to a two way.

If we want more businesses to open here, we need more people living here - to be their customers and employees. And the way to attract people is to build a city that people want to live and work in - rather than build a city that is simply a commuter route.

You are working under an outdated assumption that businesses require employees to be able to drive long distances to work.

Successful cities have come to understand - and build for - the concept of increasing living and employment density within their downtowns, where daily commutes ideally happen without a car. Fighting this model is simply staving off our future success.

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