Comment 94383

By Chasball (anonymous) | Posted November 06, 2013 at 17:35:35 in reply to Comment 94381

I walk to work because I live downtown.

People who commute by bus or bike are not arrogant. People who make arbitrary or capricious changes to traffic patterns without thinking about everyone including those whom they PURPOSELY delay for "pilot" or experimental purposes, are arrogant.

When you make someone spend their time for your purposes, you are by definition, taking their time from them. If it is justified it is fine. If it is not justified it is theft.

If we are never going to build an LRT, and if the committee charged with recommending the project to the City recommended against it, those who voted in favour of it need to justify it. If they can't justify it they are taking time without justification. taking something without justification is theft.

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