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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted November 06, 2013 at 20:08:21 in reply to Comment 94284

Goodness what a selfish ignorant comment. Of course it is not a good thing to waste somebody's time. I think we all understand that. Listen Cleopatra, your private vehicle is far less efficient than the huge numbers of people moved in the transit lane. I'm not saying the transit lane was properly done. It was not. But your expectations of your precious almighty time may not be realistic. You live in a city. In a congested region. By definition there are going to be a large number of other people.

You are looking at one narrow aspect ... "YOUR time". What about air quality and subsequent cancer rates? What about mobility for those who do not drive? What about balance, quality of life, livability, walkability, scenery, etc etc etc etc ...

Do you really think that living in a city with many other people will work if everyone piles into single occupant private vehicles? Even if the roads are stripped of bus lanes, cycle lanes, sidewalks, everything else?

You are obsessed with one bus lane wasting YOUR TIME. What about the urban design decisions that place residences so far from workplaces? What about EVERYTHING ELSE that contributed to this jam in the first place? Perhaps, a culture of entitlement that everyone should move at full speed all the time at the cost of everything else?

You are obsessed with one bus lane wasting YOUR TIME. Who are you to steal time from a student that has to take the bus, by having a problem with them using ONE lane of King street for transit? Or one of five lanes of Cannon for bike lanes? Who are you to steal money from health care by blowing your carcinogenic gas in my face? Oh yeah, and indirectly contributing all of our decreased lifespan by doing so? See how throwing stones in a glass house works?

"Saving the world" in a congestion context, begins, incrementally, by creating conditions such that every human in the city does not have to be in a car for every journey. It is about efficient solutions that balance the needs of the population.

Think outside your metal box and quit being so bloody narrow and selfish. That attitude is one of the ROOT causes. Not the bus lane.

Basically we can each accuse the other of being arrogant. But really think about it. We (that do that) are selfishly offended that the other person exists and has to consume some physical space and resources in order to exist. Well guess what, you share the planet with other humans. That's the way it works. If it pleases you, sir/madam.

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