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Stills in Motion: Barton Street History

The old sign for Nick Casciano Custom Tailor still hangs on the front of 622 Barton Street East.

By Dave Harrison
Published May 09, 2016

Old Nick Casciano Custom Tailor store on Barton Street
Old Nick Casciano Custom Tailor store on Barton Street

Dave Harrison is a Canada Post letter carrier and part-time personal trainer who lives, and occasionally works, in Kirkendall North area.


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By Noted (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2016 at 13:07:37

"Not everything is gone. The Gibson School is still there and so is Baltic Bakery tucked in along Gibson Avenue, but mostly it's boarded-up shops, their grimy windows and chipped paint testament to years of neglect. The Aero Restaurant and Tavern is closed and so is Nick Casciano's Custom Tailor, though his sign still hangs forlornly above the store, hopelessly advertising Syd Silver formal wear to a street where the party is long over."

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By stone (registered) | Posted May 10, 2016 at 09:52:21

That article is 8 years old and Barton is still kind of crusty, although there are definite signs of life. The dead part is mostly from Sherman to the Hospital now. Empire Steel needs to pull the rest of that awful siding off(you can see a piece of a charming building peeking out the west end)

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