Photo Essay

Hamilton Bookstore Tour

See a photo essay on some of the bookstores Hamilton has to offer.

By Trey Shaughnessy
Published March 14, 2005

If you are looking for a rare book, a history book about Hamilton, a used spy-novel or just want to browse, here is a list of cool bookstores in Hamilton. So grab a coffee and enjoy Raise The Hammer's Bookstore Tour.

Hamilton Bookstore Tour
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Coming soon, Hamilton Pub Tour: British and Irish pubs that pour a good pint in Hamilton. If you want to be included in the tour, email the editor.

Trey lives in Williamsville NY via Hamilton. He is a Marketing Manager for Tourism and Destination Marketing in the Buffalo-Niagara Metro.

His essays have appeared in The Energy Bulletin, Post Carbon Institute, Peak Oil Survival, and Tree Hugger.

And can't wait for the day he stops hearing "on facebook".


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