The Good The Bad And The Queen

Matt reviews the Self-titled album and the live show (The Kool House, March 11, 2007).

By Matthew Van Allen
Published April 10, 2007

Okay, tell me how anyone remotely interested in British music can not be somewhat interested when they're told that members of The Clash, The Verve, Fela Kuti (I know, I know ... just keep reading) and Blur are forming a super group?

Perhaps if it is kept securely under wraps? Publicity on this album hasn't been overwhelming but I have to say that this should soon change. After getting a mail order copy via good chap Shawn, It appears that it may be time to put down those “Gorilla” albums and listen up to a new Danger Mouse project.

Upon first listen, the music passes the test and on repeated listens it becomes bloody good. History Song has easily secured its spot as one of my favorite songs of 2007, and there are some pretty big sluggers coming forward from groups this year.

Despite the fact that this is a "super group" the music is not over the top. Come to think of it, this may be exactly what The Good The Bad And The Queen has in store, in an attempt not to implode or explode their profile. Sometimes, safe is good.

Live Show

Then, like the union of The Good The Bad And The Queen, I hear the low-whispered news. The band had decided to play in Toronto as its first stop of a five city North American tour (The band actually kicks off its festival and summer tour the end of March 07).

So after getting the extra ticket offer from my good chap (yes again I pay my dues) Loughlin, I'm off to see them live.

The show opened rather uncomfortably. A Heineken can only go so far, especially when it appears that they booked an obviously wrong opening act for this one. Trust me, I was not alone on this; I love illusionists as much as the next guy but this was so seriously inappropriate (Where was Jarvis Cocker when you needed him? I'm sure if he was in this group, he could have put an end to this).

The Concert started with the opening base lines of History Song and was carried through with the band playing each track of the album in order and in its entirety. It was good but again like other audience members I couldn't help but feel something was wrong/missing.

The build-up in each song was chained just before the band could go loose. I understand that they were keeping the timing of the album but this was one of their first live gigs not a final live tour/recording performance. Finally, the encore made perfect sense.

To Spin or Not To Spin

Album: Let Tracks 1-12 play!

Show: Let Tracks 1-12 play. However, if you're holding back your talent and energy for a half-hearted encore, forget about the secret track (leave that for Jarvis's show). I'd rather hear that first track over again!

Matthew is the RTH film and culture critic. He runs The In Between: Moving Pictures and Culture, which you can find inside Sky Dragon at 27 King William Street.


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