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The Non-Snow Day That Isn't
It's not a snow day, except that it pretty much is.
by RTH Staff
Published February 05, 2014 in Cover (21 comments)

Support Independent Journalism in Hamilton with Joey Coleman
Contributing to Joey Coleman's crowd-funding campaign will enable all of us to be better informed about our city.
by Dan Jelly
Published November 08, 2012 in Cover (12 comments)

Suburbs Stripping the City of Fire Service Resources
With Fire Service delivery levels worse than the provincial average, Hamilton is redistributing scarce fire fighting resources from the old city to sparser suburban communities.
by Greg Galante
Published August 14, 2012 in Cover (64 comments)

We Need to Do More
Notes from Terry Cooke's speech to the Mayor's Luncheon.
by Terry Cooke
Published September 23, 2010 in Cover (12 comments)

Our City, Our Future
The Our City, Our Future campaign calls on Hamilton City Council, the Province of Ontario, the Pan Am Games HostCo and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to commit to a downtown Pan Am Stadium that helps build a city with a lively waterfront connected to local and r
by RTH Staff
Published July 14, 2010 in Cover (59 comments)

Do City Bikes Reduce Cars In Cities?
Once you get your first class city bike project in place and enough people start to use it, you begin to get a new metric for your city that places increased value on proximity and multi-modal mobility.
by Eric Britton
Published March 24, 2008 in Cover (2 comments)

Changing the Rules
Most cyclists already treat stop signs as yields without incident. Why not make it official?
by Sean Burak
Published June 27, 2007 in Cover (51 comments)

Hamilton's Heat Alert Strategy Full of Hot Air
The city health department's heat alert strategy is vague and ineffectual. We need a detailed plan that reaches and protects our most vulnerable residents.
by Tom Cooper
Published June 07, 2007 in Cover (7 comments)

The Ambitious City's Victorian Values
A history of Britain's Victorian industrial cities offers compelling lessons for Hamilton.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published March 19, 2007 in Cover (8 comments)

Hamilton's Future: Forget About It
A myopic employment study prepared for City Council by Hemson Consulting imagines a dreary, low-skilled future of air transport and goods warehousing.
by Nicholas Kevlahan
Published February 09, 2007 in Cover (19 comments)

Trying to Kick the Car Habit
City Hall is committed to walkable streets, but on the Department of Public Works' terms.
by David Cohen
Published November 23, 2006 in Cover (24 comments)

High Interest: Protecting the Illegitimate Profits of Payday Lenders
The payday loan industry is booming, but the interest they charge is against the law. Now they want the law changed - or they'll be out of business.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published October 06, 2006 in Cover (7 comments)

Tivoli Special Edition
The Tivoli Theatre: Comentary - History - Redevelopment - The Future
by RTH Staff
Published April 04, 2005 in Cover (0 comments)

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