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Third-Party Election Advertising Ban About Silencing Workers
Ford's stunt isn't about 'protecting democracy'. It's about suppressing the voices of those who have the least power, by silencing the organizations that collectively represent them.
by Chantal Mancini
Published June 29, 2021 in Politics (0 comments)

Try This if You Don't Think Our Politics Have Shifted to the Right
None of the public services we rely on and take for granted would stand a chance of being implemented in our current political climate if they didn't already exist.
by Ryan McGreal
Published March 09, 2020 in Politics (2 comments)

People are Finally Noticing Ontario's Spending Was Not 'Out of Control'
Once a particular narrative takes hold in the public mind, no matter how divorced it is from reality, it can be extremely hard to dislodge.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 30, 2019 in Politics (4 comments)

The Sky is Not Falling Over Ontario's Debt
When you plot Ontario's debt on an inflation-adjusted, per-capita basis, the picture is not nearly as stark as you might expect.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 29, 2019 in Politics (1 comment)

Right-Wing Populists are Immune to Hypocrisy
Pointing out the hypocrisy of right-wing populists and their supporters misses the movement's central premise.
by Ryan McGreal
Published May 23, 2019 in Politics (2 comments)

Corporate Tax Cuts Only Benefit Corporations
When corporations pay less tax, regular citizens are forced to pay more tax - and the government is forced to cut essential programs.
by Michael Nabert
Published April 24, 2019 in Politics (0 comments)

Ontario, It's Time for the Resistance to Get Serious
If there was ever a time for all Ontarians of good conscience to wake up, get organized, rise up and actively resist the ransacking of our most cherished civic values, that time is upon us now.
by Ryan McGreal
Published September 28, 2018 in Politics (5 comments)

The Essential Unseriousness of Conservative Politics Today
Conservatives present their own policies as better solutions, then reject both the solutions and even the existence of the problems after the centre-left agree to compromise and try to adopt them.
by Ryan McGreal
Published August 10, 2018 in Politics (2 comments)

Why I Joined the Conservative Party of Canada
We need all of our parties, including the Loyal Opposition, to remain committed to the fundamental civic principles of equality, fairness, openness, inclusion and pluralism that should be universal and non-negotiable.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 28, 2016 in Politics (9 comments)

Patrick Brown Has Opportunity to Restore 'Progressive' to PC Party
Playing urban and suburban/rural resentments against each other has been an ugly, noisy, harmful distraction from our common interest in thriving communities of all kinds.
by Ryan McGreal
Published June 01, 2016 in Politics (14 comments)

Contact Your City Councillor or Trustee, Current Edition
Easy contact information for your municipal representatives.
by RTH Staff
Published December 01, 2018 in Politics (8 comments)

Bratina Reflects on His Legacy
Accomplishments include obstructing the city's LRT plan and, um, bringing back the CP Holiday Train.
by Ryan McGreal
Published November 12, 2014 in Politics (24 comments)

Our Unbelievable Mayor
Not only does Bratina change positions as quickly as the wind changes direction but his position appears to change depending on the day's circumstances or the audience to whom he is speaking.
by Adrian Duyzer
Published October 17, 2011 in Politics (22 comments)

Another Friday, Another Secretive Communication from City Hall
Hamilton City Council to hold in camera meeting on Monday or Tuesday, but no notice was sent to the news media or the public.
by Joey Coleman
Published September 03, 2011 in Politics (7 comments)

Proudly But With Humility: Mayor Bratina's Inauguration Speech
Prepared notes from Mayor Bob Bratina's inauguration speech, provided by the mayor's office.
by RTH Staff
Published December 03, 2010 in Politics (9 comments)

Contact Your City Councillor or Trustee, 2010-2014 Edition
Easy contact information for your municipal representatives.
by RTH Staff
Published December 02, 2010 in Politics (6 comments)

Government to Re-Introduce US-Style Copyright Bill
Prime Minister Harper has told his cabinet to ignore extensive public consultation on copyright reform and re-introduce a US-style bill that would curtail and criminalize fair-use rights for software and digital content.
by RTH Staff
Published May 06, 2010 in Politics (1 comment)

Engaging Citizens to Help Shape Burlington
A new citizens' advisory committee in Burlington seeks to develop best practices the city can use to do a better job of engaging the public.
by Ryan McGreal
Published February 12, 2010 in Politics (7 comments)

Overcoming Our Own Worst Enemy
For once let's rediscover our ambition and work together, with real public input, to help bring an NHL team to Hamilton.
by Trey Shaughnessy
Published May 11, 2009 in Politics (9 comments)

What's Really Chasing Investment Away
The next time a prospective business owner is scared away by the state of the Connaught or Lister Block, we can all thank our Council for throwing up yet more roadblocks to investment.
by Jason Leach
Published September 09, 2007 in Politics (3 comments)

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