Articles in Special Report: Ward Boundaries

The Suburban Politics of Hamilton's Ward Boundary Review
The Flamborough ward controversy and the addition of a new Mountain ward consumed the most conversation during the ward boundary debate. Now that it's settled, there are also significant implications for Hamilton's suburbs in the next election.
by Andrew Richardson
Published December 27, 2017 in Special Report: Ward Boundaries (1 comment)

OMB Overturns Council's Ward Boundary Vote
The decision determines that Council's choice fails the test of reasonableness, and imposes Option 2 from the Watson & Associates final report.
by Ryan McGreal
Published December 13, 2017 in Special Report: Ward Boundaries (1 comment)

Truth, Faith and Impartiality
It is dangerous when those seeking political office use ward boundaries not as a tool to engage the electorate in a discussion of representative principles but as a means to spew division, segregation and mistrust.
by Maureen Wilson
Published September 18, 2017 in Special Report: Ward Boundaries (0 comments)

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