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David Steele

David Steele is an award-winning architect currently practicing in Chicago, Illinois. He is a graduate of both Buffalo State College and The State University of New York at Buffalo. While these fine institutions provided him with the professional tools necessary to excel in the architectural field it was the city's rich history, manifested in its treasure trove of great buildings, that fed and informed an early interest in the built environment.

As a kid, David endlessly wandered the city streets soaking up architecture with each step. Although life's unpredictable paths have led him away from Buffalo, this city remains as a major influence on his life. Many of David's Buffalo Rising stories highlight the city's architecture and urbanism, shining a light on this often under appreciated and fragile asset.

He recently published a photo book on Buffalo architecture titled Buffalo: Architecture in the American Forgotten Land. It can be seen in its entirety online at It is available for purchase online at, search word "Buffalo".


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