Author: Ashleigh Bell

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Ashleigh Bell

Ashleigh Bell is a designer, project manager and historic property consultant. She will graduate in April 2013 from the acclaimed Heritage Conservation program at Willowbank. Ashleigh has been working on various restoration and adaptive reuse projects in Hamilton since June 2012 and has a background in contemporary design and development, which led her to work in the cities of Toronto, Halifax and Calgary before she committed to an education in conservation. After a few idyllic years of the country life in Niagara, she has found herself a sunny spot in a grand old building of the North End and looks forward to working with businesses and property owners, creating articulate contemporary spaces within reimagined historic settings. She has a profound respect for traditional craftwork and materials, and sustainability, authenticity and local motives are at the core of her design philosophy. Follow her on twitter @AshleighMBell.


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