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Lynn Watkins

Lynn Watkins is a beginner writer. She started writing in 2012 and has been writing ever since. Lynn attended Parkview Secondary School. Her favorite subjects were English, sewing and baking. She has her diploma thanks to her Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course Teacher. She graduated High School in 2013 and hopes to have a career in writing.

She Loves writing from her heart and speaking when others can't. She got into writing because of her grandmother, Betty, as she is one of Lynn's major writing influences: Her Grandmother was always writing lyrics. Also her Mom, April, and her Uncle Greg, are two of her major musical influences. When she isn't writing she is often taking photos and she loves photography.

Lynn volunteers at a Church Choir, basically doing whatever is asked of her. You can find her singing in the Choir, and she also has a Scholarship for her Music Classes, which take place every Wednesday at 3:15 pm on Beechwood Avenue in Hamilton, Ontario.

Lynn is currently working on her first book, hopefully to be published in 2014 or 2015. Lynn lives in Hamilton.


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