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Michael Baldasaro

Born at Little Current, Manitoulin Island, May 23, 1949. Resettled to Hamilton in 1949. Schooled at St. John The Baptist, De la Salle Oak lands (Camp), Delta High School and Universe University. Worked as an Operating Engineer, since 1967, Family Construction Business, Baldasaro & MacGregor Ltd. (General Contractors) and with the International Union of Operating Engineers as an out-side Contractor in Stelco, Dofasco, Westinghouse, International Harvester, McCoy and other Foundries. Experienced in road, sewer, water main, tunnel, building construction and demolition. Minister Plenipotentiary, Church of the Universe since 1979. Professor Legal Self Defence, Universe University. Civil, Criminal, Constitutional Litigation. Human Rights Activist since 1967 and an aspiring servant to my fellow human beings, all my life.



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