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David Greusel

Architect and urbanist David Greusel is committed to the restoration of American cities. With over 25 years experience in architecture, David has had the opportunity to help design many of the buildings that make up a city, from schools and supermarkets to ballparks and office buildings. Some of those projects have contributed to suburban sprawl, while others have helped to heal the wounds of central cities. A project David worked on of which he is particularly fond was helping to design PNC Park, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, which has been rated the best ballpark in America by several publications and websites.

Over the years, David has come to value the "messy vitality" of cities, and has focused his work on projects that help restore the urban fabric. When he is not practicing architecture, David performs in a syndicated radio comedy program "Right Between The Ears," which is produced by Kansas Public Radio. He is the author of the book Architect's Essentials of Presentation Skills, published by Wiley. David and his family live in the Kansas City area.



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