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Letter: Please Reaffirm Council Support for LRT and Our Future

By Craig Hermanson
Published July 06, 2011

I was shocked to read the Spec today and learn that some councillors appear to be questioning our LRT planning.

I really believe that LRT is crucial to the sustainability of our community, our tax base and our services. I believe LRT will help transition us from a car-focused community to one where transit, walking and biking are more viable choices. Grid-lock is not only a problem for commuters, but also has negative impact on our local economy.

Our old ways of building out new suburbs is not sustainable. We need fixed-asset transit that crosses our downtown to spur development. We need our downtown healthy if we want a healthy city.

We need LRT if we are going to be competitive with our neighbouring cities... we're quickly losing our relevance to up-an-coming cities such as London and Waterloo.

Please reaffirm council's support for LRT and our future.

Craig Hermanson is the president of Concrescence Design and the editor of He lives in Kirkendall Neighbourhood and is involved in community development.


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