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Fringe 2015 Review: Finding Mr. Right

By Dawn Cattapan
Published July 18, 2015

Based on true people and true events, Same Boat Theatre's Finding Mr. Right confronts three topics that are generally considered to be taboo; sex, religion and politics, and allows them to nimbly and ably dance together.

Although never explicitly stated (only heavily alluded to), Finding Mr. Right is inspired by the Conservative Senate scandal and the myriad of responses that staffers in the Prime Minister's Office may have considered presenting to the public.

The two main characters sit on two extremes; Nathan (depicted by playwright Stephen Near) the Chief of Staff with an idealized perception of nationalism and an altruistic view of working for the common good; and Shelly (capably portrayed by Lauren Repei) a Director of Political Operations, whose only loyalty is to herself and her political party.

Together, the two are tasked with the challenge of choosing the right solution- whatever that may be. In the process, they dabble into their personal lives and interconnected history, with excessive swearing that is reminiscent of a David Mamet production in order to set a tone of intensity.

Playwright Near and Same Boat Theatre have taken a challenge in choosing and executing such a topic for a one-hour production. The Senate Scandal is not a light topic, and information is still be uncovered to discover just how deep and far-reaching it goes.

However, Near has managed to magnify a very distinct scenario within the overall context and dissect it carefully, making it understandable and accessible enough for those with no political knowledge or interest to take note.

With the assistance of this microcosm, the performers have liberty to explore their characters (within context, of course), ultimately creating an intriguing and interesting performance.

Dawn Cattapan is the editor of Beyond James, a blog focusing on news and reviews in Hamilton's performing arts and creative community.


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