More to Remember from 9/11

By Adrian Duyzer
Published September 12, 2006

(First published on Ade's blog.)

September 11, 2006 was filled with remembrances of the 2,992 people killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks. There is more to remember.

Remember all those others who have died since then in the "war on terror" - at least 62,006, and possibly as many as 180,000.

Remember the 4.5 million refugees created, and the $437 billion US spent, enough money to "pay off the debts of every poor nation on earth".

Remember how, faced with a choice between marginalizing an extremist or allowing him to change the world, the leaders of the United States chose the latter, plunging us down an uncertain course towards tragedies that have already dwarfed 9/11.

Remember that some of the things most worth remembering are the things that many wish you would forget.

Adrian Duyzer is an entrepreneur, business owner, and Associate Editor of Raise the Hammer. He lives in downtown Hamilton with his family. On Twitter: adriandz


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