One Gigantic Meadowlands

By Jason Leach
Published December 04, 2006

With business leaders like this in Hamilton, perhaps all small businesses in our downtowns and BIAs should just close up shop and move to Allentown in Buffalo.

If turning Hamilton into one gigantic Meadowlands is still considered a good thing by a living, breathing human being (who I assume has actually been to the Meadowlands), then we're in bad shape.

One group of people who appear poised to have plenty of work in upcoming years is the folks behind the "Vanished Hamilton" book series. Much of Ottawa and Barton Street can be wiped out once the Centre Mall goes big box.

Now we can expect more urban blight and demolished history along Parkdale and Kenilworth as we ruin yet another area of the city.

I think someone needs to remind the boomers and older folks running our city that they won't be around forever. Leaving us young folks to deal with such a rotten mess isn't very thoughtful.

Well, at least we'll get to have some fun in 30 years demolishing all of their ridiculous warehouse-centres and finally get around to re-building Hamilton in a proper manner - that is, if any young people still live here then.

The way this city is being run, we'll keep seeing them all leave for real cities. Can you blame them?

Jason Leach was born and raised in the Hammer and currently lives downtown with his wife and children. You can follow him on twitter.


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