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Yes, America is on the verge of a slippery slope with a combination of balance of payments and budgetary deficits. But to combat this lethal combination the U.S. is engaged in more questionable and risky manouvers. Its modus operandi is the same (just like the common criminal. First it accuses the target country with an atrocious crime that the trained seals in Europe and the compliant U.N. quietly accept as a fait accompli (without verification), then it demands those countries show the evidence when there is none. Of course, the next step is a horrible invasion/attack that virtually destroys the targetted country. How long will this game go on? Hopefully not for too long since the U.S., which has been playing this soap opera for over 100 years -- beginning with the American-Spanish war -- is messing up with the wrong crowd this time. And what's more, it is overspending itself into bankruptcy. Sincerely

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