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By highwater (registered) | Posted July 30, 2007 at 13:31:22

Just got back from Philadelphia and we saw the Philly Car Share cars everywhere we went ( From what I hear from my American friends, Philadelphia is becoming a city of choice for young college grads looking to live a car free life. The downtown is very pedestrian-friendly, but I heard lots of griping about the transit system. You're right Sean, it will never appeal to the folks who see vehicle ownership as some kind of validation, but it is doubtless one of the things that makes Philadelphia appealing to the car free crowd.

And I have to confess to being one of those drivers who yields to cyclists. Been burned too many times. I also hesitate before making a right hand turn at a stop sign or traffic light. Been burned often enough by cyclists blowing past me on the right. As you say, Ryan, dangerous and unfair to their fellow cyclists.

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