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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted April 08, 2014 at 10:46:56 in reply to Comment 100026

checks source

Ahhh, there's the painful world of ctl00_moreconainernames_ctl01_etc that I remember and loathe.

Microsoft gets a lot of rage they don't deserve, but foisting ASP.Net webforms upon the world is definitely one of the ones where they earned every ounce of it. It's one of those technologies that would have completely bombed if it was released by a 3rd party or an OSS team, but survived in barely-functional zombie-like existence because it bore the Microsoft brand. It's a shame, since there's a lot to love in the MS .NET programming stack, it's just that their first stab at websites on that platform was such a trainwreck.

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