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By jason (registered) | Posted April 09, 2014 at 08:55:09

Notice the different in lane width on the highway style ramp lanes too.
Lane width has been proven over and over to have a direct correlation to vehicle speeds. There's a reason you feel comfortable doing over 100km an hour on the 401. And you don't on James North.

Narrow lanes are being implemented all across N. America. Personally I'd rather see intersections like Dundurn and York, Main and Dundurn, Queen and Aberdeen just made normal intersections with the old triangle piece given wide sidewalks, trees and plantings.

But this is a decent alternative. To me the most important pieces of the Boulder example are:

  • narrower lane
  • large tree planted in the triangle median. Again, visual objects slow drivers down and enhance the streets cape.
  • the level crossing for bikes and pedestrians. No reason we need people acting like it's a QEW ramp on Upper Wellington or York Blvd.
  • the width of the pedestrian/bike crossing and sidewalks.

Just those elements alone would create a much safer walking and cycling environment in Hamilton.
Cars wouldn't be able to maintain 55k around a corner in a residential neighbourhood. Novel concept.

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