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By Nice signs (anonymous) | Posted April 09, 2014 at 17:33:57

Very attractive signage in Boulder I must say!

I think the reason Aberdeen and Queen is the way it is is because the Radial line from Niagara to Brantford used to run through there. When they tore up the tracks, they eventually sold the land for housing. You can trace the route by following the newer houses back from the Chedoke golf course.

That track used to cross Queen on an angle, and when they tore it up it did not leave enough room for multiple lots so they permanently eliminated the corner from development. Now there is an apartment complex to the north west. I don't think is was nefarious, it simply expedited the traffic on Queen, a major access to the mountain particularly during Rush hour. It also allows the bus to stop at the corner heading up the hill without impeding traffic turning right. So it makes sense.

If you eliminate the Queen Street Hill, you can eliminate the need for the bus and other traffic so you can eliminate the "ramp."

Do you know how many accidents occur at that intersection?

From my perspective, the corner of Markland and Hess is far more dangerous. You have traffic headed north and south bound with Major buses, with obscured vision to the East from the southbound lanes and bike traffic heading the wrong way on a one way street. They used to have a high collision warning sign at that intersection but it seems to be gone. Not sure who had the bright idea to have bike and car traffic on Markland operating in opposite directions.

I would be interested in knowing how many accident occur at that intersection as well. Maybe Markland should be a two way street and the parking at the corners should be reduced. I think someone is eventually going to be killed there and the City would loose a negligence claim based on the engineering.

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