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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted April 10, 2014 at 14:38:21 in reply to Comment 100161

I think there are several factors.

One perhaps is getting more of the voting public engaged. As one small example, I'm ashamed to say I never voted in a municipal election before. Never gave it any thought, felt futile and a waste of time. It no longer does. That former "me" is who has to become engaged. We will be depending largely on this site for a good education on the candidates and issues. Even reading about political topics can cause migraines, and given statistics/articles on apathy, and young voters only recently starting to vote in larger numbers, is it possible the process has been self-selecting out the progressive voters?

Sociopathy is damaging the public realm, but I don't think it is truly taking over as a way of life. I think those Ford Nation people tend to be the loudest. Really, the most passionate for something tend to be the loudest, an inverse bell curve of sorts. I have to believe that most of our neighbors are still people of strong social conscience. Given my observation that when you actually ask neighborhoods and take surveys, these sorts of initiatives do get a lot of support, I'll consider that evidence that a few selfish get overrepresented. However every household's budget is stretched as well, and nobody want further price increases on anything, and this is where good leadership and good quality journalism can educate and give good SWOT analyses and arguments.

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