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By transit rider (anonymous) | Posted April 13, 2014 at 11:08:14

We already have the money coming in for transit it's just that unlike every other city, we use it on roads instead. We get gas tax money but use it to pay for roads instead of the proper uses the funds were designed for like public transit. We only use a fraction of it for what it was intended. Shifting that budget over would give us the money needed. Further since the provincial one actually depends on ridership, we can actually bring more money as our declining use has been shrinking the money Hamilton gets from the Province.

Unfortunately, I have lost faith in the NDP for they seem to enjoy positive sound bites like "No Taxes" than any real policy, further they no longer hold themselves accountable to their constituents. I for one cannot get Ms. Horwath to respond to me at all in anything. She seems to have forgotten that despite her position as party leader, people like me put her there and her primary purpose is as my representative not NDP partisan rhetoric.

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