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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted April 16, 2014 at 16:30:19 in reply to Comment 100330

The first problem is that these things don't carry half as much traffic as they were built for. You could cut the Claremont in half and it still wouldn't get congested. This infrastructure isn't free, it's tremendously expensive. Think about it, we've got a massive structure of concrete, metal and asphalt carrying multi-tonne trucks towering in the sky, with a retaining wall against a cliff-face keeping the mountain from falling onto it.

That's not cheap.

Second of all, the other problem is there's no real "end" when you arrive back in the city after the access, either at the top or the bottom. This is where psychology comes in. You were driving 90 a second ago, and now you don't even have to stop when you get onto Upper James or Wellington (depending on direction) so you keep going way too fast and 50 feels like a crawl. That's really bad for the people who live and work along Upper James or Wellington - fast traffic kills a neighbourhood, both metaphorically and occasionally literally.

And all for what, to save a few seconds on a trip up the Mountain?

Nobody's arguing that the Clairmont isn't convenient, the question, though, is if it's worth it.

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