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By jorvay (registered) | Posted April 30, 2014 at 10:38:30 in reply to Comment 100720

Edit, just scrolled down and saw another reference to the Plateau. I should have read ahead before posting. Another great example is the Plateau neighbourhood in Montreal. It's one of the most dense neighbourhoods in any city in North America, yet is virtually all 3-story stone townhouses with only a handful of taller buildings throughout. Not only is it compact and easy to walk around, it's one of the most inviting, friendly places I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. It has a fantastic reputation both as a place to visit and live.

The key with taller buildings is that you start to lose significant floor space to stairwells, elevator shafts, HVAC/servicing corridors, parking levels, etc. Whereas the townhouses there incorporate the stairs into the small-but-well-kept yards and rely on street parking and a general lack of need for cars. They also plow their sidewalks and extensive bike lane network city-wide to make sure that you can get around without a car all year, helping keep car ownership numbers down a bit(but that's getting into a whole other conversation).

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