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By notlloyd (registered) - website | Posted April 30, 2014 at 17:26:16 in reply to Comment 100740

It may be the telephone game. But maybe it's that we live in a huge country.

Economics is a very complex game. The high density of Europe has a lot to do with its size, its demographics, its history, and such. Comparing us to them might be the "apples to oranges" game.

Canada has a relatively small population. Infrastructure as it exists was developed for a myriad of reasons - some good, some bad. Having said that, there is no need for high density car free zones in Hamilton without a major shift in the competing neighborhoods. What I mean by that is that the current market for home buying is not conducive to high density living. One needs to have a lot of faith to invest in a high density low car project. The developer needs some assurance that what he builds will be sold.

I have spoken with developers who buy and sell old buildings, have put tons of money into Locke Street for example, but who will not spend a nickel East of John Street.

I like the "if you build it they will come" mantra to a degree, but the world is full of "white elephants".

"Exactly" may have gone "overboard," but if I "read between the lines" he or she is saying that we need to be careful not to put the "cart before the horse."

If I can think of any other cliches, I will let you know ; )

(Personally, I have never understood why the City allows so much development on new land when they could expropriate the crap land already serviced - except that every time they have tried that, the people being expropriated scream bloody murder.)

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