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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted April 30, 2014 at 18:29:19 in reply to Comment 100740

Well put. This phenomenon is one of the most bizarre aspects of this debate, this absolutist hyperbole. The second most bizarre being the perception that wanting a better downtown is elitist or hipster in some way.

Arguments based on pure reflexive emotion, with zero basis in reality; they do the conversation a disservice by being that shockingly stupid.

I can't comprehend why urban centers can't be efficient and well serviced, for the benefit and lives of those who choose or prefer an urban setting, close to people and amenities. Suburbs, lower density neighborhoods exist for those who want a large backyard and spread out a bit. Exurbs and rural areas exist for those who want to live away from it all.

What manner of cancer has woven its' way into the public discourse, that there is a belief these styles must each envelop the others to exclusion? With sprawl suburbia currently winning this "contest", while article after article in MSM bemoans the increasing congestion and externalities of wasting your life in traffic, and any connecting of the dots is met with the same taking of offense you'd expect from a drug addict in denial?

We could close all the cottages and depopulate the North

'Exactly' must have a learning disability, or just be a troll, if they think that advocating for good quality urban cores in any way translates to this stupidity.

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