Comment 101164

By RTFA (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2014 at 09:19:26 in reply to Comment 101162

FTFA: "the purpose of rapid transit is to attract high numbers of new riders and leverage new private investment to shape land use around the line"

FTFA: "In Waterloo Region, planners calculated that if the region continues to grow in the status quo suburban form of land use, it will force the region to spend an extra $1.4 billion in new infrastructure. They determined that even with a municipal contribution to the cost of LRT, it will still cost them less than what it would cost not to build it."

FTFA: "If Hamilton is to get its infrastructure costs under control, we absolutely need to make much better use of our existing infrastructure than we currently do. In particular, we need to dramatically increase the level and quality of land use through the lower city."

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