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By Mark-AlanWhittle (registered) - website | Posted May 10, 2014 at 09:33:13

The Rapid Ready report said we need to invest $30 million a year to improve bus service to the level needed to feed and support an LRT line. The report also says it will take a decade to build. Homes will be expropriated in many locations. The B-line express service we presently have should be dramatically improved. People don't use public transit because it is not timely, nor convenient. For $2.55 you can ride, if you have lots of extra time to waste, buses frequently stop. The HSR is heavily subsidized (56%) by all taxpayers, so we have a vested interest in seeing this ratio lowered. Times have changed, demographics have changed, yet routes are not rationalized. Low ridership drags the whole system down. Everyone should cool their jets and we have two elections to go through before anything new happens, especially a Billion dollar LRT. The HSR should try an experiment, run the system for free for 6 months and see if ridership increases. Personally I think the HSR needs a new leader, as the one we have now has been the Architect of the HSR's demise.

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