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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted May 12, 2014 at 11:26:27 in reply to Comment 101259

And I'll try to get you to honestly engage and make some effort yourself first rather than demanding that someone else click on a link for you. I did not link to "studies" I linked to articles (many by myself) that used the data and results from studies to make a coherent, evidence-based argument for B-line LRT in Hamilton.

I gave you the links, because there are many article on HLR that have explained over and over and over why it is a great idea and you could at least have the courtesy to read what I have already written myself instead of asking me to write it all over again.

That is why this site has an archive, so everything doesn't have have to be repeated!

If you want my reasons in a nutshell, please see this presentation from 2008 that I prepared and gave to many different groups around the city:

As a result of this presentation, every group except one (the Homebuilders, who wanted to make a common endorsement with the Chamber of Commerce) endorsed LRT for Hamilton

The is also a list of rebuttals to various anti-LRT arguments, such as your own, here (please don't ask me to cut and paste into a comments box!)

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