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By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted May 12, 2014 at 15:48:58 in reply to Comment 101214

Building an LRT won't make Hamilton better off...I think a BRT is more appropriate (i.e. cheap).

LRT won't help...but somehow BRT will? That makes no sense. If rapid transit can't help Hamilton, we shouldn't even be thinking of building it (thankfully the evidence is overwhelming that you are wrong and rapid transit can help Hamilton).

My main transit issue is lack of connectivity with the rest of the GTA. Solve that issue first because it would actually solve alot of problems for alot of people and it wouldn't cost much.

Its been said about 100,000 times on this site but we don't have to choose! Metrolinx is already commited to bringing all day GO service between Hamilton and Union station including eventually electrification and 15-minute headways. The province has also said they want to build LRT, so why pick one when you can have both? Also the timelines are vastly different, all-day Go service will be up and running in much less time than an LRT could be designed and completed. It doesn't make sense to wait for no reason.

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