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By redmike (registered) | Posted May 16, 2014 at 11:25:28

only half joking.... but in the name of downtown parochialism, maybe a mud or rock slide on all the downtown access routes from the mountain might be a good thing. the mountain cannot survive without the downtown and lower city, but we can get by mostly fine without the mountain. i work and have worked with plenty of people who live on the mountain and spend almost every penny on the mountain and spend zero percent of their downtime in the core (artcrawl? supercrawl? whats that?)or anywhere else in the lower wards. they need downtown and the lower city to pay the bills and mortgage but beyond that (and a guaranteed free parking spot for work) to hell with the core as far as their concerned. cant get out of downtown fast enough for them. but very very few downtown residents i know work on the mountain. we visit family, shop a bit, a commute up the hill for a relatively small percentage of the lower city. look what way the traffic mostly flows during work commute time. down in the am up in the pm. if the whole mountain was trapped under a dome it would affect a much smaller percentage of lower city residents than vice versa. anything i can buy at limeridge or concession i can get down here. lets see how long tom jackson and scott duvalls constituents get by without the lower city.

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