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By StephenBarath (registered) | Posted May 16, 2014 at 11:58:45

That was a frustrating article to read in the Spectator today. However, the kind of tactic in use here by Councillors Duvall, Jackson and Whitehead actually gives me a lot of hope. It is so transparent to nearly anyone that it suggests a kind of desperation. To try to frame the argument this way means that they have no good ideas.

We mustn’t let them for a second suggest that downtown conversions are “trumping” sidewalks elsewhere, as Jackson said. The municipal government should be able to simultaneously handle converting a few streets to two-way traffic while simultaneously installing basic infrastructure in areas where growth would have been predicted long ago. If he’s saying it can’t, I’d be concerned about that and would say we are in dire need of new leadership.

No one can possibly believe that the choice is between walkability in urban parts of the city and walkability in less urban parts of the city. Duvall should submit the specific names of streets where residents have requested sidewalks, and help make that happen. If not, those constituents ought to elect a representative who will do that, instead of using their concerns (I’m assuming they actually exist, and if they do they should be alleviated) to promote division and to obfuscate other issues.

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