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By adrian (registered) | Posted September 21, 2006 at 16:16:40

Cannon and York are both highway sized already, each of them supporting four or more lanes of traffic already. I've had it with making traffic the primary concern in the downtown. If things get congested during rush hour, so be it.

Every truly vibrant, successful city I've been to sucks for driving. The best thing that can be said about our downtown streets right now is that they get you out of downtown really quickly. What kind of logic is that?

As well as becoming more pedestrianized (is that even a word?) there are two more things I'd like to see happen downtown. First, clean up the sidewalks. There is WAY too much chewing gum stuck to our concrete and way too much litter on the ground. Littering is against the law but when was the last time someone got a ticket for throwing their crap on the ground?

Second, put some more police downtown. I don't think our downtown is the den of criminal activity that some make it out to be, but there's no doubt that some people feel uncomfortable downtown. A few more officers downtown would alleviate that a little bit.

And there is one final thing I'd like to see happen in this city: more and better social services. Some of Hamilton's least fortunate - some of whom appear to be suffering from mental illnesses - appear to be left on the streets to fend for themselves. I'd like to see a coordinated strategy among Hamilton's social services, and a renewed sense of urgency on city council, to address the issues of homelessness, mental illness and drug addiction in this city.

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