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By erskinec (registered) - website | Posted May 31, 2014 at 14:46:28

The first and easiest solution to heritage preservation should not be its destruction. The Hamilton Conservation Authority has had over 40 years to address this problem.

It is time for them to make the investment that they have been trying avoid since they purchased the property back in 1972. The Board has neatly refined the organizations strategic goals to ensure that no further investment can be justified.

The HCA has a foundation for funding such investments. This is not a question of lack of resources, it is a question of priorities.

The fact that HCA dares to make this kind of proposal after the Town of Ancaster, the City of Hamilton, and Province of Ontario have decided to make this a designated heritage building is shameful.

The fact that the HCA is seeking to a partial demolition permit after the community fund raised back in 1997 to save the property is shameful.

The fact that the HCA is seeking to destroy Ancaster past when the community has a tradition of valuing its history; particularly with its excellent Ancaster Heritage BIA area (only minutes away from the Hermitage) is shameful.

People should yelling shame, shame, shame at the Board of Directors.

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