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By Core-B (registered) | Posted June 05, 2014 at 21:19:43

I don't often have radical thoughts, but the Hunter bike lanes have brought out the worst in me.
I consider myself a careful, safe, and legal rider. I signal my turns, stop at stop signs, almost never ride on sidewalks, wear reflective clothing, have flashing lights front and back etc. I've had thoughts of purposely riding the wrong way on Hunter east of MacNab and on the sidewalk. Doing it continuously until getting a boatload of tickets (or hopefully not getting hit).
I haven't worked this part out yet but somehow, getting the press involved. I can see the headline "65 year old cycles the wrong way because he has no choice". BTW, I am over the moon excited about the Cannon Street lanes, so I'm not being completely negative. I am shocked and saddened that the Hunter St lanes (that fit into my cycling plans) have brought me down to such dark stupid thoughts.

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