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By mikeonthemountain (registered) | Posted June 11, 2014 at 08:14:34 in reply to Comment 102296

The majority victimized? The majority of people in cars are not victims of congestion. They are the congestion. The idea that everyone in huge metropolis can fit in mostly single occupant cars and have an easy cruise, is delusional. That is what all the congestion is. There are people who want to be on two wheels. It's a good idea to let them. Footprints are much lower.

Anyway, more directly to the point of this Sun article we digressed on, but still related to parking on Hunter St bike lanes: After calling cyclists many names including Neanderthal, this person claimed they were not anti-bike. Just anti-congestion. Except there he was stopping in a live lane for coffee, whether bike or vehicle lane, he put his car there "because he felt like it" and blocked a live lane of fellow commuters. In fact, created congestion for bikes, and for the cars those bikes are pulling out in front of, to go around. So he's not anti-congestion generally speaking. He is anti-congestion for himself. Add the rest of the rant that if your commuting by bike you literally don't matter - very sociopathic and needs to be called out, even for public safety reasons.

So it's the same on Hunter Street. If somebody is stopping "for a moment", why not stop in the curbside car lane with your hazard (otherwise known as "park anywhere you want lights"), rather than block the entire bidirectional cycle lane? Because cyclists don't exist? Don't matter? Very self centered mindset, so ahem, a reminder that other people exist too, apparently needs to be said, when it should go without saying.

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