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By (registered) | Posted June 11, 2014 at 23:53:35

I have encountered cars blocking the bicycle lane numerous times. I called the City Traffic Dept to find out what sort of fine would be levied. The answer? A mere $ 26 dollars. Rather shocking considering that by their selfish actions, these illegal parkers force cyclists out into traffic - endangering life & limb. And by contrast, the fine for parking in a 'No Stopping' zone is $ 60 - $ 100 (an infraction that does not necessarily endanger cyclists). If the City was at all concerned about this danger, they would sharply increase the fine and enforcement of this pig-headed behaviour. The fine for parking in a handicapped spot is $300 I was told. If they don't raise the fine for parking in a bike lane, there may be far more handicapped people (cyclists) in the future. As well, the City has now been put on notice that injuries or deaths due to non-enforcement or lax enforcement of bike lane blockers, coupled with paltry fines, actually contributes to dangerous cycling conditions (lulled by a false sense os security provided by a painted white line - and no other safety measures). The lawsuits resulting from this alone could fund proper cycling infrastructure for years to come. City of Hamilton - you have been warned. Take your responsibility seriously and do the right thing.

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