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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted June 18, 2014 at 13:17:27 in reply to Comment 102623

We can do better than "not that bad". Everybody with a car experiences better and faster than "not that bad" and that's why they drive instead of take the bus.

The bus represents the bare minimum form of public transit. It's the Edsel of transit (ironically, I've seen the Toronto CLRV trolleys called the Edsel of trains). It gets you from point A to B with the minimal comfort, speed, convenience, etc. Which is why buses are predominantly filled with poor people who can't afford a car (because of disability, addiction, or being a young starving student) plus a few idealists who use it for ideological reasons.

LRT, subways, and commuter-trains get middle-class people into transit - people who actually have an alternative to transit take these conveyances. People who could drive into downtown will happily walk onto an LRT. They'll push a stroller onto one (instead of receiving the stroller-stink-eye from the bus driver as they painstakingly try to get it up the step). They get there quickly instead of adding a bunch of extra time to their trip.

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