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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted June 23, 2014 at 14:09:56

I like that our surrounding highways aren't littered with this

There are a few questions I have about this concept. For one is this going on the museum grounds which would be an eye-sore on a beautiful historical site. I'd like to see some photoshopped views of what this might look like and an overhead view of where this is proposed to go.

There are so many alternative things to do in this city aside from attending a game at one stadium.

So I guess First Ontario is next followed by the Casino, Hamilton Place, etc.

Huge advertising for a single coffee shop as well(single business period), when there are hundreds of great local alternatives. This goes back to my argument that the stadium should have a local name like Civic Stadium, and that that name be on the sign and not Tim Horton's. Advertise the city assets, not private corporate tenants/sponsors.

I'd love to discuss some home of the Ticats, Bulldogs, Cardinals, Mauraders, CFHOF, Gage Park, City of Waterfalls, etc. sign at our major gateways perhaps not unlike a Lion's Club type sign.

Something more inclusive and spread out among food, arts, and attractions if we need a sign, otherwise just make the view appealing and inviting enough to want to stop in.

Hamilton - Come on in!

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