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By Consequences (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2014 at 14:12:54

"The Ticats sign could be an opportunity for a gateway promoting Hamilton, but is it worth the consequences?"

What are the negative consequences of allowing video screen billboards? Toronto has them along the highway, they don't seem to cause any problems there? I actually kind of like it as your driving in to Toronto, it feels "big city", I'd assume the city must benefit from some revenue, and when I'm driving I can either look at them or pay attention to the radio or something else so they really don't annoy or anything.

Is it an aesthetics thing? I can see how aesthetically speaking video billboards put inside the city proper should especially have to go through some kind of approval so they don't devalue the area around them somehow, but on the side of a highway it's something I just expect to see (and sometimes find useful even). But even video billboards within the city proper can still be pretty nice sometimes - e.g. Times Square.

Surely if the city were to throw out the bylaw they could replace it with something to ensure whatever negative consequences of merely allowing video billboards at all could be minimized.

I'm not trying to say there aren't any consequences or that I'm even for or against the billboard, I'm honestly just curious to know what these negative consequences are for video billboards, or for allowing video billboards in Hamilton more generally speaking.

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