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By arienc (registered) | Posted July 07, 2014 at 09:25:49 in reply to Comment 103030

Sure, you may be correct in pointing out that driver error was largely responsible for this.

The problem is, this type of driver error occures all too frequently in this part of the city. The results are horrific. And just think about the fact that in a residential area, near a school playground, it was deemed necessary to install concrete collision barriers to protect children as they play.

In any normally functioning city, such things are unnecessary.

It's been proven that people resond much less to lowered speed limits than they do to engineering that is designed for lower speeds. Part of the problem is a society that has normalized the practice of driving at 10-15km/h over the legal limit, a practice that in an inner city environment like this one, results in average speeds that are 20-25 km over what is considered safe. And since that is an average, there is always a small percentage that is much faster, more dangerous and threatening.

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