Comment 103040

By highwayman (anonymous) | Posted July 07, 2014 at 11:35:53 in reply to Comment 103027

Narayan: permissive double left isn't normal at all, no. However, inthis case it might be that the opposing SB traffic is light, or was when the double left was designed. Then again, if that were so they could achieve the same thing by going protected-permissive with an advance green northbound.

I haven't been to that corner in years but I do recall NB traffic used to really back up badly at some times of the day.

As for the pedestrians: there is no excuse for closing off the pedestrian access. Why does the contractor need a fence right to the edge of traffic? They could easily stage the construction to allow pedestrian access through the area. Why isn't maintenance of pedestrian facilities in the construction contract? It's just city arrogance toward pedestrians all over again.

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