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By oystercatchr (registered) | Posted September 22, 2006 at 11:43:39

I live in southern calif in a city with population about 200 thousand.
Here is my thought to make bicycle travel safer. First designate all residental streets as one way for cars leaving the other half for bikes. Cars would be allowed to go across the bike lane to enter/exit residences, businesses but only when safe. Bikes would use the other half of the street. Havent decided if bike traffic should be one way but think it would be best if one way as hard for drivers to deal with two way bike traffic. Second change auto traffic speed to 15 mph or even less in residential areas. Note we could also facilitate smoother bike traffic by making stop signs one way only for just cars. Cars coming in from the side and needing to cross heavy bike lane traffic could be controlled by sensors.

I would like to expand these ideas or hear reasons why they wont work. Thanks

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