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By jason (registered) | Posted July 31, 2014 at 08:41:31 in reply to Comment 103648

dead wrong. Many drivers have exactly the mindset of running cyclists off the road. I was almost hit by one last week and saw an elderly couple almost hit yesterday by one. In both cases, the guys (It's always males I've noticed too) were driving along normally until they saw a cyclists way ahead and then went bonkers. In my case, after catching up to the driver and having a brief exchange, I watched where he want next and realized he had driven completely out of his way, down a street he previously had no intention of going down just to gun it inches from my elbow. Last night I watched the whole thing unfold in horror expecting the elderly couple to be run over. Driver was fine until he saw them half a block ahead on Locke S (Locke S was my incident too). He got this crazy look in his eye and almost hit an oncoming car in his rage to scream as humanly close as possible past this couple and yell at them. When you're INTENTIONALLY aiming to miss human beings by a mere 2 inches, it is absolutely intentional when you hit them and kill them. Then you pay your $500 and move on to the next victim. Sadly, I've noticed how close drivers roar past me on the Hunter bike lanes until they hit the small bollard section. Then they all slow down and move further away. More worried about scratching their car than hitting another human.

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